Door Styles

Custom Cabinetry are classified into two ways

First, by the way they are set on the cabinet

  • Flush inset doors are set within, and flush with, the cabinet frame. Because they are inset, a knob or pull is needed to open these doors.
  • Beaded inset doors, a variation on Flush Inset doors, include a decorative bead cut into the face frame edge.
  • Overlay doors are set outside the cabinet frame, which they overlay to varying degrees: Half Overlay doors cover ½ inch of the frame; and Full Overlay doors cover the entire faceframe with a 1/8 inch reveal.

Second, by the profile of the door front

  • Raised Panel Doors are often reproductions of period styles, feature one or more raised panels that create a dimensional look. The panels sit in grooves in the door rails (the horizontal pieces that form the top and bottom of the door frame) and the door stiles (the vertical frame pieces on either side), and are not glued but left free to expand and contract naturally.
  • Recessed Panel Doors are basically Raised Panel doors in reverse, with the center panels set back from the stiles and rails, creating an appealing dimensional look.
  • Flat Slab Doors are self-explanatory. Because of their simplicity, they suit many settings, from traditional to transitional to contemporary.
  • Glass Mullion Doors feature authentic mullions (the framing that holds the panes of glass), adding to their appeal.

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